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              About Us


              Company Introduction of Wansheng Food Additives
                     Wansheng Food Additives ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, located in Shanghai China.  The founders of company have rich experience on R/D, marketing, sales, manufacture for the food additives products, and have skilled quality services in the industry filed.
                     Our export products are food raw materials and ingredients mainly, include Sodium Methylate ( powder and solution ) used for manufacturing edible oil and cream, Maltose Oligosaccharide,  Vitamin E and Sodium Alginate.
                     We have established the good partner cooperation relationship with famous food group companies, like WILMAR, FUJI OIL, CARGILL, SINAR MAS, KERRY,  NANCHOW etc. , and we are negotiating the business with KANEKA, AAK AND COFCO.  

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                Address:Add: Jiang Shan Industrial Park, Laixi City, Shandong Province, Chinese Chang Road No. 2 East


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